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Stronger Than Yesterday

Life Advance Fitness is a Health & Wellness organization that is committed to assisting all persons in reaching their desired health and fitness goals

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Motivated Trainers

All of the trainers at Life Advance Fitness are in love with the work they do and only want to see you excel in ways you never thought possible. You can look forward to being pushed to new heights with people that care.

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Dedicated Classes

We provide only the highest-quality classes that we know will give you the best results. Each of them are guaranteed to not only make you sweat - but have fun as well.

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Proven Success

We have changed the lives of people with all kinds of backgrounds and fitness levels. Ranging from athletes preparing for high-level sports to employees looking for ways to stay active outside their day job.

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Your Journey Begins With the Right Trainer

Vince Wimberly - Owner of Life Advance Fitness

Vince Wimberly

As a former collegiate football player, Vince is no stranger to a “grind” approach to fitness. However, whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete you can trust Vince to push and motivate you to     reach each goal and milestone.


Strength & Conditioning
Sports Performance
Functional Fitness
Speed & Agility

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Robin Houston

Robin Houston

After a collegiate tennis career, Robin was introduced to the Kettlebell in 2009 spurring a desire to explore fitness beyond conventional methods.  Taking a functional approach to exercise, Robin trains individuals and groups with her own unique flair and gusto.  


Primal Movement & Animal Flow
Strength & Resistance Training
Group/Team Training

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[Dedicated Classes]

Classes for Everyone

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Boxing Fitness

You'll NEVER burn more calories and enjoy doing it, anywhere else besides a Box N Burn class.

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Corporate Fitness

Total Body Hybrid Fitness class that is guaranteed to push your conditioning limits

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Functional Fitness

Exercises that help you perform activities in everyday life more easily.


Our Creed

"The only style that matters at LAF is Lifestyle. I promise to take a dedicated approach to improve my overall well-being by controlling my controllable’s. By focusing on the positives & blurring out the negatives, we create a sturdy foundation to become stronger than we were yesterday. 

-Vince W.

We Are Dedicated to Your Success