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Personal Training

Our personal training programs are client centered and designed on your specific goals.

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Sports Performance

What once began as just a vision, Life  Advance Fitness was founded & established in the Spring of 2016 by Vincient Wimberly Jr. LAF’s first opportunities came from “in-home” personal training services and local Bootcamps

1 On 1 Training

Each session will be 55 minutes, including a 
warm-up ,strength & the client will have open floor to discuss any concerns about training, nutrition and other information that is important or useful in order to track and pace personal goals.


Work alongside of a friend or family member while you both train independently towards your own individual goals. If a group setting isn’t quite your cup of tea, yet you could use a little company, then semi-private training may be right for you! Each session will be 55 minutes, including a warm-up, strength & conditioning, cool-down and open floor for discussion or concerns

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Remote Training for When You're On the Go

All of our classes are also available online to make joining remotely a three step process.

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