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A variety of small group classes that propel you to the next level. From small group trainings to sports performance and personal training, we come here to WORK!

What is boxing fitness?

You'll NEVER burn more calories and enjoy doing it, anywhere else besides a Box N Burn class. This class is guaranteed to burn fat, improve cardiovascular fitness as well as build self confidence. ALL *PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING THEIR  OWN GLOVES (ask for size recommendations) and 180" Handwraps to participate in this class.

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What is Corporate Wellness?

LAF™ offers a dynamic approach to Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching. When utilizing a professional Health & Wellness program such as ours on a company or corporate level, one will find that it will help in many different ways. This includes: Establishing company culture; improving the relationships between employees both inside and outside of the work place leads to team building comradery and establishes a common ground for establishments to stand on.

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Corporate Wellness Training Logistics

LAF aims to provide a dynamic Health and Wellness Program for individual companies


LAF will offer versatile options to owners, management, and employees so that we can improve company culture and productivity through health, fitness, and team development.


  1. LAF will provide/offer a variety of class options which will be available to all Employees. There will be options for both in person & *online Training.
  2. LAF will visit the site for initial Health and Wellness kick off where the employees will be provided generalized healthy eating guides and/or workbooks. Take home nutritional tips, as well as a general at home/gym workout routine, which they can execute on their own time to enhance personal wellness goals.
  3. Personal Training Options: 

    Personal Training is offered by LAF to all employees at a discounted rate of 10% off the standard package pricing prior to any company provided discounts. Company provided discounts will be determined (percentage of coverage...or money towards training each month) by the company and offered to those employees who care not for group training and/ or would like to further their health and wellness by training individually.


Each class will have a maximum of 8 people per class. This will allow for adequate spacing as well as attention to detail of individual movement patterns and coaching as needed.

Employees will be given their Trainers contact info and are encouraged to follow them on social media for a more interpersonal experience as well as looking to them for immediate coaching and mentorship.

Healthy Rewards will be offered by both companies, LAF and/or Employer, to boost morale and encourage employee attendance and engagement with health and fitness. ( ie. Paid day off, 2 complimentary personal training sessions at LAF, etc)


Corporate Wellness classes are $15 /person compared to the average cost of $20/person. 
The below table breaks down the rates for each class size and the overall savings for each



[Monthly Investment]




[Monthly  Investment]




[Monthly  Investment]


What is Functional fitness?

Functional training is a term used to describe exercises that help you perform activities in everyday life more easily. By mirroring the movements of your daily life, building functional strength can help increase your quality of life and reduce your risk of injury.

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*Bundle Packages Available

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Remote Training for When You're On the Go

All of our classes are also available online to make joining remotely a three step process.

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